Ramadan Tent Offer

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Arabic Tent

is a specialized field of Tent & Shades. We provide best quality Arabic Tents with beautiful traditional Arabic interior. Arabic tent can be made of a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, knitted shade cloth (HDPE) cotton canvas, bait sha’ar (goat hair), wood, fiber glass and aluminum.

Ramadan Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab splendid past and advanced future.

Shapes and Colors

Ramadan Tents are available in different measurements and customized shapes so they can be installed at any place even those shapes that are considered out of the ordinary and for specific tastes.

Exterior of the Arabic tent can be as desired by the client.

Exterior of Arabic Tents can be same as traditional black & white stripes. Tents & Shades can blend the classic exterior into washable PVC in different colors as well. Arabic Majlis’ can have different designs & shapes for doors, range can be glass doors, regular tent doors (small and large) and same as Windows’ design and shapes.

Arabic Tents specifications

  • Spanish/Saudi Sadu
  • Hidden illumination
  • German water insulator
  • Elite German Fabric (Hair)
  • Best quality inner lining
  • Sliding door on per demand
  • Air-conditioner slot as required
  • Tube emerged around the tent
  • Visible lighting as per order
  • Base Height as per order

We will satisfy all your requests and it will equip and furnish these Arabic and Sadu tents with: Fancy Wooden/ceramic flooring, Installation of all electrical supplies, Provide the external doors with umbrellas, Chimneys in all shapes and sizes, External air conditioners, Internal air conditioners ,Outdoor lighting for entrances, Internal decorations and Internal illumination in the roof. We offer our services Local and National for Party Tents, Structural Tents, and Corporate Tent Rental services for Parties or Any Type of Event.

 Ramadan Tents Advantages:

  •  Thick wind proof, Heat proof, Water proof
  • Huge square footage capabilities in a short time
  • Incredible strength and durability in bad weather
  • Well and High Quality Control
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Competitive Prices
  • Customized designs
  • Thick Steel Structure (Anti rust paint)

Arabic Majlis Tent Technical Specification

  • Industrial Steel Structure
  • Heavy Duty German machine Stitched sha’ar
  • Imported best quality fabric
  • Waterproof PVC coated and welded by heavy duty machines
  • Hi quality electrical wires from world’s best manufacturer “DUCAB”
  • MK branded electrical switches (British standard)
  • Double layered Cement walls/wooden walls as per specification
  • Strong, Waterproof Double PVC Coated Polyester Textile
  • Flame Retardant To DIN 4102 B1, M2
  • Smart Construction For Quick Assembly
  • Heat and sound insulator
  • Softness of Sponge
  • High quality interior decoration